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NO.1 Which of the following quality gurus was very critical of merit-pay and individual bonuses?
He discouraged management by objectives and the ranking of employees by performance.
A. Dr. Deming
B. Dr. Taguchi
C. Dr. Juran
D. Dr. Feigenbaum
Answer: A

CQE 評判   CQE 評判   

NO.2 During the building phase of improvement team development, which of the following properly
describes team activities?
. The team leader is usually directive.
. The team leader often delegates tasks.
. Team members prioritize and perform duties.
. Team members are uncertain of their duties.
A. IandIV only
B. IIandIIIonly
C. II,IIIandIV only
D. I,IIandIIIonly
Answer: A

NO.3 In most cases, an improvement team facilitator will NOT normally:
A. Provide feedback to the group.
B. Function as the group leader.
C. Summarize key ideas generated by the group.
D. Be familiar with problem solving techniques.
Answer: B

CQE 割引   

NO.4 An improvement in quality costs is MOST clearly indicated when:
A. Management objectives are met.
B. Total quality costs fall below 15% of total sales.
C. Appraisal and failure costs drop.
D. Prevention costs increase.
Answer: A

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